FLOW – A Mograph & VFX Process Part 04: Building the composite in Nuke

FLOW is a multi-part series that explores the steps of a motion graphics & visual effects project. Artists Craig Whitaker and EJ Hassenfratz will discuss both the “how” of getting through a project as well as the often more important, “why”. We will begin at the early stages of art direction, script review and initial client requests. As we move through the project, various software techniques and choices will be explained and demonstrated – with the focus being on why each step of the project was completed in a certain fashion. Topics will include but are not limited to: art direction, addressing client demands and changes, matchmoving, when to get out of 3D, etc.

Part 04 – Picking up at the end of Part 03, we will take our project from Cinema 4D and bring the renders in Nuke. We will look at some of the initial look development, working with RGB (fresnel) passes to drive color in composite, building an art directable script, working with Vector Blur and iDistort plus much more.

Follow the entire series at – craigwhitaker.wordpress.com & eyedesyn.com
Authors – Craig Whitaker & EJ Hassenfratz

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